How to Find the Cheapest Flights Every Time

#1 Fly on Wednesdays Wednesdays are statistically the least expensive day of the week to fly. The perfect mid-week flight could cut your ticket price in half compared to those who take off on Fridays. You’ll notice you have a lot more room on these days too so overall, it’s going to be a win! […]

The Secrets of Being Rich

#1 76% Work Out Regularly 76% of wealthy exercise aerobically four days a week, while 23% of poor do this. Also, rich people around the world generally live longer than the poor. A study said poor people die earlier mainly due to less healthy lifestyles and less access to quality healthcare. #2 Only 6% Speak […]

Photos That Had Perfect Timing

#1 Don’t Let The Bubble Burst Taken at the perfect moment, this photo shows a burble bursting and is one of the most perfectly timed photos ever! #2 Flying or Landing? This impeccably timed photo creates the illusion of someone landing on the moon! #3 Umm, What is Cooking That Burger? The timing will make […]

Police Fails

#1 Sweet Dreams This cop is not napping, he’s multitasking. He’s drying his laundry, wasting taxpayer money and dreaming of thieves laughing as they rob the town blind. #2 Lock Up In Dallas, bank robbers need three guys to pull off a successful heist. One to drive the getaway car, one to actually rob the […]

Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

#1 Mutant Commuter Here is a dog casually riding the train to work; her arms look so soft and smooth! Oh wait . . . #2 Ugly Baby That baby looks like he’s seen some years of hard living, that’s a face only a Mother could love . . . #3 Do Her Hands Stink? […]

Best Sports Video Games, EVER

#1 EA Skate Without a doubt, EA’s “Skate” revolutionized skateboarding video games because it added unchartered levels of realism and made gamers use the joystick. With a roster full of indie skaters, an outstanding soundtrack and numerous custom options, it quickly killed off the once heralded “Tony Hawk” franchise. #2 Gran Turismo III If you […]

People Who Need a Little Help With Facebook . . .

#1 This Girl and Her New Top Sounds like her boyfriend might be handing out some misinformation . . . little did she know she was posting underwear pics! #2 Almost Funny . . . This guy is almost there. I’m assuming it’s a guy based on his manly thumb. His manly white thumb. #3 This Food Company […]

The WORST Jobs in America

#1 Stable Cleaner If there was ever a job that warranted the title “Professional Pooper Scooper”, this is it.Sure, there are other responsibilities that come with attending to a horse’s stall; changing the hay, feeding them, taking them out to trot. But, prime among these responsibilities or even a job of its own depending on which […]

AWKWARD! The Most Public BreakUps In Facebook’s History

#1 When You Girlfriend Has Moved On The woman you thought was your girl friend posts a picture of her having a great time with someone else and you have the misfortune of finding out on Facebook #2 An Argument in Public Well, who is cheating on who? #3 Even Murica Has Some Rules Apparently Facebook won’t let […]

WTF Wedding Pictures

#1 Old School This wedding seems just plain wild — kicking back to the good old fraternity days with the keg. Not sure if we’re laughing harder at the upside down bride or her girlfriend’s red socks. #2 Fruity Dress Is green the new color for wedding dresses? Apparently this bride thought so. #3 Dolphin As Witness This […]